Top Caribbean Islands To Visit

There are so many Caribbean islands, it’s difficult to pick just a few to read up on, but here are some suggestions:

This British holding maintains a few English traditions, like afternoon tea, pubs and cricket matches. Men wear Bermuda shorts everywhere; they just add a dinner jacket for upscale dining. Fresh seafood and local dishes are easily available after a day of land and water activities, and there is no shortage of rum or nightlife. All manner of accommodation is available, including luxury cottage colonies. If travellers want to go somewhere with no trace of the UK, this island is not for them.

Turks and Caicos
Turks and Caicos is east of Cuba and actually has conch shells strewn along white-sand beaches. The “world class scuba diving” at the 200-mile-long coral reef is captivating with ocean wonders of tropical fish, sponges and other colourful denizens. Known for its clean, undeveloped beaches, this area has plenty of places for all types of water recreation beyond lying on the beach with an umbrella drink, which is a lovely idea. Luxury hotels and resorts provide lodging.

Cayman Islands
South of Cuba, the Cayman Islands are also known for clear water and top of the line scuba diving. Tours at Stingray City for feeding and swimming with sting rays are engaging, to say the least. This is in an open, public area, so visitors can come in their own boats or jet skis and do the same thing for free. George Town, from the early 1600s, has a long English history since it was settled by the English, but that is about as far as it goes within local culture. This is a busy port of call for cruise ships, so there is a lot to do, but remember that there are more people taking advantage of the variety of choices in this city. Visitors can shop and eat for hours.

Luxury hotels and casinos have spread up and down the beach near Oranjestad, but many other beaches have just a few tourists. Golf and designer boutiques may also enliven leisure time, and there is broad range of dining establishments. The fresh fruit must be from an edenic paradise because this is how “fresh” tastes. About 15 miles north of Venezuela, Aruba is near the equator and the sun is quite powerful. Sun screen is essential and access to shade is helpful.

St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
Villas, hotels, resorts, inns, B&Bs and “camping” are forms of accommodation on this island. The tent cottages at the campsite on the beach and the amenities there make it more like hybrid camping between real camping and a hotel stay. Charlotte Amalie, the capitol of St. Thomas, has shopping, dining, cultural interests, music and nightlife since it is a good-sized city just under 20,000 in population. Home of the artist, Camille Pissarro and the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, it has its charms. Cars drive on the left, but there are many American cars that have steering on the left, so be warned.